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Non-Compliant Concrete Water Tank

Last week we surveyed a non-compliant concrete water tank on the roof of a West Yorkshire museum. The client wanted either a new tank or a tank reline to comply with ACOP L8 requirements for water storage. We sent out a team to take a look at the museum and to see what work would be needed. Once our team arrived on site, they ensured that the surrounding area was closed off and they carried out the necessary auditing process.

The team came to the conclusion that it would require a tank replacement or reline that would ensure it was made compliant. This also meant closing the museum for a short period of time. The museum is a nonprofit organisation so they needed us to be as competitive as possible. This meant providing the museum with a price that is reasonable as well as being efficient with our work and ensuring that the museum was reopened as quickly as possible. Based on the location and sound structure of the tank we recommended a tank reline as this is more cost effective and less impactful on the site. This ensured that the museum would be back open as swiftly as possible and our team got to work that same day.

Our team have years of experience and have worked on a number of public areas where they have to be closed for a period of time, which we understand. We ensure that every job is carried out to the best of our ability whilst remembering that these companies have a business to run. We take pride in ensuring that every tank replacement is done to the best of our ability as well as keeping it as cost-effective as possible for the client.

Overall, we are happy with the final outcome of the water tank and felt happy enough reopen it to the public. The guys at the museum were shocked at how quickly we were able to carry out the job and we were delighted at how well everyone worked on that particular job.


Kent Water Tank Installation

This particular job in Kent was with a large industrial firm that needed our cold water tank services and water hygiene services was working to a very tight time scale. Our team were called out due to the tank that was there prior beginning to fail. We had our water tank audit team sent out to carry out the necessary procedures and evaluate the situation and what was needed in regards to maintenance.

A Brand New Water Tank Was Required

After inspection, we knew that this would be a big job and knew that a brand new water tank would be required. We found a number of issues that meant this particular water tank was not compliant with water storage legislation. Our team began by uninstalling the old water tank and having the new one sent over. We wanted this job carried out as quickly as possible and aimed to have the new tank installed within the week – tank installation to tank audit.

Our guys will try and have every job completed as quickly as possible and this was no different. We are constantly committed to getting the job done to a quality standard and this often means that our guys will stay overtime to get it completed. Overall, the job was completed pretty quickly and to a standard that both our site auditors and the client were happy with. We had 5 of our specialists working on this particular job and they worked extremely hard to deliver on time and to an excellent standard.

Our Project Management Team Were Delighted with the Final Results

Our project managers were delighted with the outcome and it was great to have this particular job completed in such a short space of time. It is vital that your water tank is up to hygiene standards and our legionella services will ensure that your business is compliant in this department.

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Booster Pump Installation

When the building’s tenants started complaining of very poor water pressure in their apartments, particularly the top floor apartments, Cold Water Storage was asked to survey the building and diagnose the issue. After completing a very thorough investigation, we were able to explain to rule out blockages and confirm that the mains water pipe was not suitable for feeding the higher level apartments with the pressure required.

boiler repair pipework

We then took into consideration all possible options and arrived at the best solution. We determined that a break tank with a booster system would provide the desired water pressure for the top floor apartment residents.

Pipework Installation

Pipework was cut into the plant room and a mains bypass was installed. A cold water vessel holding 1000 litres of water was erected and then plumbed into a three pump booster system.

boiler tank repair

This was then plumbed into the buildings pipework manifold. Once we commissioned the new tank and booster set we were keen to hear from the residents who had complained of poor water pressure. They told us that they had noticed an immediate increase in pressure as far as the top floor apartments.

Finding Sustainable Pipe Solutions for Clients

This set up is also designed to ensure that the building occupants never have water disruption even when planned maintenance occurs on the booster system and tank. Chris, Director of CWS and project manager on this job is pleased with the outcome, ” When I heard from occupants who had to endure low pressure and struggled to have good powerful showers in their own homes, I really wanted to find a solution.

To hear the genuine relief and thanks for fixing the problem it makes the job so satisfying. I think this may be a common issue in some high rise buildings so now we have the solution it is good to share this across the industry.”

cold water storage installation

Leeds Shopping Centre Water Tank Upgrade

This particular job involved our Cold Water Storage team going out to replace a large water tank in a shopping centre. The tank that was there prior had not been replaced in over 20 years and was in desperate need of an upgrade. We sent a team out to Leeds to evaluate the current water tank that was in place and audit the current state of it.

Evaluating the Current Water Tank in Place

The audit found that the water tank had had no work carried out on it for 5 years and was long overdue an evaluation. We called out our legionella services team to deal with the situation, clean the current tank to eliminate the risk is legionnaires disease in the current water tank. Once this had been carried out safely, our team then got to work on replacing the tank and fitting a brand new one there in its place. This ensured that the shopping centre was safe for its employees and everyone there.

Post-water tank installation audit process

After carrying out the audit, we set a contract that made sure a specialist went out on an annual basis then to evaluate the state of the water tank and the client was delighted with the work we carried out.

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