Cold Water Tank Repair Costs 11th August 2021

Cold Water Tank Repair Costs

When it comes to professionally repairing a cold water tank, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead, the cost of the cold water tank repair is tailored to the tank and the problem.

Cold Water Tank Repair Costs Factors

The cost of a cold water tank repair depends greatly on several factors, these include:

  • the type of water tank i.e. steel water tanks, concrete water tanks, cooling towers, galvanised steel tanks and GRP water tanks
  • the size of the water tank i.e. anything from small domestic water tanks to large industrial water tanks and towers
  • the extent of the damage – common problems includes deteriorating mastic, erosion, corrosion of internal steel fastening, bacterial growth and leakages.

Cold Water Tank Repair: The Cost-Effective Solution

At Cold Water Storage, we are experts in cold water tank repairs, relines and replacements. And we always aim to provide the most cost-effective option. We won’t suggest a costly full tank replacement if we believe we can repair your existing tank.

Our clients can attest to this. For example, we visited a client in Cumbria that had a 40-year-old steel Braithwaite water tank elevated on a tower, which was leaking due to severe corrosion.

The client had been informed by another company that a cold water tank replacement was the “only option”, meaning the project would have been very costly and disruptive for the client. However, when the client got in touch with Cold Water Storage, our in-depth site survey determined that a repair and reline was possible.

Despite the corrosion, the Braithwaite water tank was still structurally sound. With the right knowledge and experience, a repair and reline could extend the life of the water tank by 10 years. And it would be much more cost-effective than a full replacement.

The Cold Water Storage team remove all the scale corrosion, carried out shot blast abrasion, weld repaired all holes in the tank and then applied a 3 coat WRAS approved lining system to the base and walls of the tank.

The Cold Water Storage Process

Over the past 15 years, we have developed an excellent cold water tank repair and reline process. It is less disruptive and more cost-friendly for our clients, meaning it is our most favourable option.

First, we send out one of our water hygiene specialists, who will carry out a comprehensive survey to assess your cold water tank and provide you with our expert recommendations and timescales. Then our team completes any repairs before relining the tank in a time-efficient manner.

Any relining products we use are WRAS approved solvent-free polyurethane coatings that have been designed especially for lining potable and drinking water tanks. This means that compliance is assured.

We also have a new lining system named spray-applied Polyurea, which was recently developed for speed and efficiency. It covers large areas quickly and dries within 5 seconds. Plus, it has zero risks of cracking or failure.

Once the repair and reline has been carried out, our team will issue signed paperwork and a full completion report with photographic evidence.

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Do you need a cost-effective water tank repair? Is your cold water tank leaking? Or has a water hygiene risk assessment found that your water tank is contaminating the potable water? Whatever the problem, Cold Water Storage will be able to help.

If you would like a free no-obligation quote from Cold Water Storage, get in touch with our team. You can call us on 0113 229 5062 or email us at Alternatively, fill out our online contact form and a member of the team will get back to you ASAP.

Cold Water Tank Beyond Repair?

If your cold water tank is very old and beyond repair, we can remove it and install a brand new water tank for you. We supply top of the range GRP water tanks, which are built from WRAS approved sectional glass reinforced panels.

These tanks have been designed and approved for potable water storage, and are manufactured in Britain using the highest standards.

To reduce disruption, our project manager will work closely with you to reduce any constraints and meet timescales. Plus, we ensure continuity of water supply by installing a temporary mains bypass or a temporary tanked system ahead of the tank replacement process.

Cold Water Storage

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