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Our Water Tank Repairs Service 9th July 2021

Our Water Tank Repairs Service

There are many reasons why a cold water tank needs repair.

It could be leaking after years of corrosion. Or sediment build-up from steel corrosion could be causing water samples to fail. Or the tank no longer complies with HSE regulations for stored water. Deteriorating mastic, erosion, and bacterial growth are other common problems.

Whatever the reason, Cold Water Storage has a solution. In this blog, we’re going to discuss our cold water tank repairs service, explain our process and outline why you should choose us for your water tank repair.

Cold Water Tank Repairs & Reline Service

For more than 15 years, Cold Water Storage has been providing water tank repairs, relines and replacement services. If your tank is structurally sound, then we will always suggest a water tank reline, repair or refurbish, as this is the more sustainable option and it will save you money.

Aside from working to any requirements or constraints you have, we also meet regulations set out by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and HSE.

Our team will first complete a comprehensive survey to assess the tank and the damage before providing you with our expert recommendations.

Where possible, we will also suggest a repair rather than a replacement. We have dedicated in house project managers who will liaise with you throughout, develop Risk Assessments and Method Statements and provide a timetable for delivery.

After discussing the process and answering any questions, we will go ahead with the water tank repair and reline. After any repairs have been carried out, we will reline the tank with a WRAS approved solvent-free polyurethane coating.

This flexible coating has been specifically designed for relining potable and drinking water tanks. Or we could use a recently developed lining system – spray-applied Polyurea. This clever lining system covers a wide area quickly and is touch dry in just 5 seconds.

With zero risk of cracking or failure, this WRAS approved and Regulation 31/DWI approved system will dramatically lengthen the lifespan of your water tank.

Extended Guarantee

Upon completion of the water tank repair and reline, we will provide signed paperwork and a full completion report with photographic evidence. This provides our clients with peace of mind that the job has been carried out to the highest of standards.

Whatever cold water storage tank lining system we use, you can be confident that it will provide excellent protection against corrosion and erosion. We are so confident that we offer a 10-year extended guarantee on all our water tank lining systems.

Why Choose Cold Water Storage?

  • Bespoke service to suit various cold water tanks (cooling towers, concrete, steel and GRP) as well as any client in any industry
  • 30 years worth of experience in water tank repairs, replacements, installations and cleaning
  • Operating across the UK with a team of highly skilled operatives
  • Provision of highly specialised methods across all our services which have been developed specifically for the water industry
  • Meet requirements to ensure our clients are compliant with ACOP L8 Legislation, WRAS and HSE regulations
  • Effective project management from start to finish
  • Quick turnaround with minimal disruption to the site
  • Aim to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution every time based on unbiased advice
  • Offer a 10-year guarantee
  • Provide a free, no-pressure quote

Our Water Tank Repairs Case Studies

Our case studies give you an excellent insight into the water tank repairs we have carried out in the past. We adapt our services to meet the needs of the client and have built a fantastic reputation over the years.

Our honesty, integrity, great value and expertise in all areas of water tanks and systems enable us to stand out from the crowd. Check out two of our water tank repair projects here:

Get In Touch

Cold Water Storage is a specialist water hygiene contractor with a combined 30 years in the water hygiene and legionella industry. Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to carefully assess your water tank and offer several excellent solutions.

If you require a water tank repair or reline or think your water tank may need replacing, please contact our team today. You can call us on 0113 229 5062 or email us at info@coldwaterstorage.co.uk.