Top Benefits Of GRP Water Tanks 2nd December 2021

Top Benefits Of GRP Water Tanks

GRP tanks (glass reinforced plastic) are a popular type of cold water storage tank thanks to their range of benefits. When compared to other types of water storage tanks, such as steel and concrete tanks, GRP tanks are by far the better option.

In this blog, we are going to outline the top benefits of GRP tanks.

GRP Tanks Are Durable And Corrosion Resistant

GRP is a fibre reinforced polymer made up of fibres of glass (and is often referred to as fibreglass). It is an incredibly strong and versatile material, with properties that make it useful for a range of applications in many industries.

In the water storage and treatment industry, GRP is considered to be the very best material for cold water tanks. Its durability means it will easily store heavy loads without damage. Better still, the material is corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion damage, cracks or leaks.

They Come In Various Shapes And Sizes

GRP tanks are available in various shapes and sizes. At Cold Water Storage, our GRP tanks are made using sectional glass reinforced plastic panels.

This allows us to build a GRP tank to the size and shape you require, this includes irregular shapes, such as L shapes or in a tapered shape. It also makes transporting and installing the tank easy!

Whether you want a 500-litre tank or a 20,000-litre tank, we can design and install the perfect GRP tank for your building.

And They Last A Long Time

Because GRP is such a durable and strong material, GRP has an average lifespan of 25 years. This is a much longer lifespan than other water tank materials.

Steel water tanks, for example, are prone to corrosion, and concrete water tanks can experience cracks and damage due to the concrete naturally contracting and expanding over time. These issues increase the risk of water contamination, bacteria growth and structural damage.

Contamination and bacteria growth can lead to Legionella being present in a water tank. This is very dangerous as the potable water can then cause Legionnaire’s Disease when inhaled.

GRP Tanks Are Significantly Lighter Than Other Materials

GRP is notorious for being a lightweight material, especially when compared to other materials used for similar applications. Because it is so lightweight, GRP is more affordable than other water tanks.

This means that transport costs are dramatically reduced as no heavy lifting equipment or plant machinery is required to on/offload the GRP panels. In addition, fewer people are required to build and install the tank.

They’re Also Low Maintenance

As well as saving costs on transport and installation, having a GRP tank will also save you money in the long run due to the lack of maintenance requirements.

Every cold water storage tank, no matter the material, size or shape, should be assessed at least once annually to ensure legionella prevention.

With many cold water tanks, such as concrete tanks or steel tanks, these risk assessments often highlight problems, such as corrosion or erosion. This leads to repairs and maintenance jobs.

But with GRP tanks, the glass-reinforced plastic reduces the risk of corrosion and damage, meaning you rarely have to pay for maintenance jobs.

Need A GRP Tank?

Here at Cold Water Storage, we supply and install quality GRP water tanks, which are manufactured in Britain using WRAS-approved sectional GRP panels. All of our tanks are suitable for storing potable water.

Aside from supplying and installing GRP tanks, we offer a range of GRP water tank services, including:

  • GRP Water Tank Repair, Reline & Refurbishment
  • GRP Water Tank Modification
  • GRP Water Tank Relocation
  • GRP Water Tank Replacement

Our team of experts always carry out a comprehensive survey to assess the client’s existing GRP tank. From there, we provide our professional opinion and recommendations for improvement, before outlining the options available to the client.

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