GRP Cold Water Tank Replacement – Bradford, UK

Case Study – GRP Cold Water Tank Replacement

We received an enquiry from a client who had a GRP cold water tank that was past its useful life. The tank was over capacity and leakingIt was also corroding internally on the steel fixings. As a result, the tank did not comply with HSE regulations for stored water.

The Solution


We carried out a full survey and assessment and provided the client with two options. The first option was to repair, refurbish and reline the tank, and the second option was a cold water tank replacement, which would mean removing the old water tank and installing a new replacement tank. 

After weighing up the pros and cons and discussing the processes for each option with our dedicated project manager, the client decided to go for the full cold water tank replacement. The project was then fully planned and scheduled in with the client.  

Here’s a summary of the cold water tank replacement project: 

  • CWS installed a temporary sectional water tank in the limited space available in the plant room and then piped it into the current boosted water system. 
  • Once the older tank was bypassed, it was drained downstripped outdismantled and removed from site. 
  • We installed the new GRP water tank with two compartments and dual pipework (allowing for uninterrupted maintenance). 
  • We then checked the tank and all the pipework fully, commissioned it and put into service.

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