GRP Water Tank Replacement – Oxfordshire

Case Study

Oxford Council had various problems with their existing tank. The design left no clearance from the ceiling so no water treatment company had ever managed to get inside it to safely clean it. There was 20 years of sediment build-up in the tank and the water samples always failed. Subsequently the site had to a very expensive water treatment programme in place involving dosing systems and constant monitoring. The tank was also a one compartment tank, meaning that even if maintenance was possible it would have to be done out of hours because it would have to be drained down fully.  

After a full survey, our team designed a new GRP water tank for our client; the new tank had dual pipework and two compartments which would allow for more convenient cleaning and maintenance. We also included internal and external ladders to allow for safer maintenance. 

Cold Water Storage managed the project from start to finish and completed the project successfully. A description of the project can be found below: 

  • Install the temporary sectional tank. Erected in the available space in the plant room it was then piped into the current gravity water system. 
  • Bypass the old tank and drain it down, then strip it out and dismantle it. 
  • We found the old base to be inadequate, so a new steel base was fitted and shimmed level.
  • Erect and install the GRP new water tank with two compartments and dual pipework allowing for uninterrupted maintenance.
  • Fully test and commission the new tank then remove the temporary tank from site.