Sprinkler Tank Repair and Reline – London, UK


Case Study - Steel Water Tank Reline

Our client had two steel water tanks in very bad condition. They stored the water used for the buildings sprinkler system. The tanks were severely corroded and leaking. The integrity of the tank was deemed as structurally sound.

The Solution

As the tank was still structurally sound, we agreed with our client that a steel water tank reline was the most viable and eco-friendly option. This would extend the life of the tanks for another 10 years, be more environmentally friendly and less impactful.

Cold Water Storage planned and executed the steel water tank reline project effectively, with positive results and a pleased client. Here is a summary:

  • Carry out a full confined space entry into the tanks.
  • Carry out shot blast abrasion to all the internal surfaces and then vacuum.
  • Apply a two coat WRAS approved lining system to the base and walls of the tanks. 
  • Leave the lining system to cure, and then refill the tanks and return them to service.