Steel Braithwaite Water Tank Repair and Reline – Kendal, Cumbria

Case Study – Braithwaite Water Tank Repair

Our client had a 40-year-old steel Braithwaite water tank elevated on a tower. There was severe corrosion and it was leaking badly. 

On initial assessment the client was told that a replacement was the only option – this meant the project would have been very costly and disruptive.

The client then came to Cold Water Storage to see if we could carry out a Braithwaite water tank repair and reline to extend the life of the tank for another 10 years.  

The Solution

Our project manager surveyed the site and was able to determine that this was a viable option. We quoted our client for a Brathwaite water tank repair – a summary of the project is explained below:  

  • Carry out a full confined spaces entry into the tank.
  • Remove all the scale corrosion from the sides of the tank and dispose from the tank.
  • Shot blast abrasion to all the internal surfaces and then vacuum out debris. 
  • Weld repair all holes in the tank.
  • Apply a 3 coat WRAS approved lining system to the base and walls of the tank. 
  • Wait for the lining system to cure, refill tank and return to service. 

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