Steel Water Tank Reline – Folkestone

Steel Water Tank Reline

We recently completed  project for a national hotel chain. At this specific site were several steel water tanks that fed the domestic water to the guest hotel rooms. A recent Legionella Risk Assessment had raised concerns and identified them as non-compliant.

Due to time and budget constraints, the client opted for a water tank refurbishment and a new lining system rather than a water tank replacement. Cold Water Storage planned and executed the project over two weekends. The following is a summary of the work:

  • isolate and drain down the water tanks.
  • shot blast abrasion to internal surfaces. (This type of surface preparation raises a suitable profile on which the lining system can adhere to correctly)
  • apply two coats of our WRAS approved Polyurethane coating; allowing each coat to cure for the appropriate length of time.

We completed the water tank refurbishments within the timescale set by the client, with no impact on the hotel or its guests. See photos below of the before during and after stages of the project.