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Leeds Shopping Centre Water Tank Upgrade

This particular job involved our Cold Water Storage team going out to replace a large water tank in a shopping centre. The tank that was there prior had not been replaced in over 20 years and was in desperate need of an upgrade. We sent a team out to Leeds to evaluate the current water tank that was in place and audit the current state of it.

Evaluating the Current Water Tank in Place

The audit found that the water tank had had no work carried out on it for 5 years and was long overdue an evaluation. We called out our legionella services team to deal with the situation, clean the current tank to eliminate the risk is legionnaires disease in the current water tank. Once this had been carried out safely, our team then got to work on replacing the tank and fitting a brand new one there in its place. This ensured that the shopping centre was safe for its employees and everyone there.

Post-water tank installation audit process

After carrying out the audit, we set a contract that made sure a specialist went out on an annual basis then to evaluate the state of the water tank and the client was delighted with the work we carried out.

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