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Here at Cold Water Storage, we ensure that every steel water tank installation is executed with the upmost professionalism. Stainless steel works excellently as a water tank material because of its durability and strength.

When a water tank is installed, you need to significantly consider the time span of the water tank and the environment that it is going to be kept in.

advantages of steel water tanks

Stainless steel water tanks are extremely durable and are less prone to cracks in comparison to concrete tanks. With corrosion and expansion being common in water tanks, it is vital that you have a water tank in place that will be able to last and prevent any further leaks.

Here at Cold Water Storage, we have steel tank options if you are looking for an upgrade or are in need of a new tank in general. The stainless properties ensure that the tanks do not corrode and works as an excellent way to reduce the risk of legionnaire’s disease and water infection.


Stainless steel works excellently as a tank storage option because of the many properties that is possesses. We make sure that every tank we install is compliant with water tank legislation and has the necessary certification needed to store water safely.

Our team of specialists here at Cold Water Storage have a number of years experience in the water tank storage industry. We will ensure that the best possible storage solution is installed and will be able to pass future audits.

Our specialists will ensure that not only is your tank compliant but will ensure that it is able to store water as well as it can for as long as possible. 

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Not only are stainless steel water tanks a great way to store water but they also look much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic or concrete tanks. As much as aesthetics aren’t a large factor when it comes to the installation of water tanks, it important to consider how the different kinds of water tanks will look in a certain environment.

A steel tank will not only look more aesthetically pleasing but has a number of other key functions that make it a very suitable material when it comes to the installation of water tanks. Our experts are on hand to ensure that you have all of the information you need to understand your steel water tank and how you should be maintaining it to ensure you remain compliant.

Thankfully, steel water tanks require little maintenance and are fairly easy to manage. Are you in need of a water tank upgrade? When was the last time you had an audit carried out on your water tank? Get in touch with CWS today and let us upgrade your water tank storage options. Call Cold Water Storage on 0113 229 5062 and see how we can make your water tanks compliant.

Reliable round the clock maintenance of your water tanks.
Providing complete nationwide coverage for clients requiring our legionella services.
Over 30 years experience within the water tank and legionella industry.
Our industry approved auditing methods ensure your business is compliant.


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