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water tank services

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Tank Clean & Disinfection

Anything from small domestic water tanks to large industrial water tanks

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Storage Tank Repair & Replacement
Tank Repair & Reline

Including cooling towers, concrete, steel and GRP tanks of all sizes

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Tank Replace & Installation

Removal of old tanks and supply and fit of new GRP tanks of all sizes

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Cold Water Storage is a specialist water hygiene contractor working across the UK

  • Trusted Experts: Over 30 years experience in the water hygiene and legionella industry. Our knowledge allows us to assess the situation and then offer you a number of solutions.
  • Good Customer Service: We have a reputation among our customers for being honest, great value and proficient in all areas of water tanks and systems. We offer both repairs and replacements, so we give non-biased advice. 
  • National Solutions: Based in the heart of Yorkshire we are located in a great position to access all regions of the UK. 
  • Range of Industries: We have delivered small and large projects across a variety of industries including, Water Treatment, NHS, Facilities Management, schools, Government, hotels, retail, residential, food and beverage, leisure and prisons.  
  • A Range of Services: We deliver bespoke solutions for all the projects we undertake. Our specialist services include: Water Tank Repairs and Relines (cooling towers, concrete, steel and GRP), Water Tank Installations and Replacements, Legionella Management Services and Mechanical Engineering.

expert legionella services

There are a number of bacteria present in water and the risk of legionella is something that needs to be controlled in the correct way. Here at Cold Water Storage, we are dedicated to providing water tank storage and legionella services to businesses around the UK. We have a team that can professionally and safely carry out audits to ensure your business is compliant with the legionella compliance laws.

Our water hygiene services are readily used by some of the largest organisations in the UK and we make sure that the necessary systems are in place to maintain good water tank systems. Our risk assessment team can identify any potential major health risks and nip them in the bud early. Legionnaires’ disease can be a potentially fatal one and as a business, you have a responsibility to make sure your business is a safe one for your staff.

Experienced water storage specialists

We have vast experience within the water tank storage services industry and our team know what is required to deliver successful risk assessments. The combined experience that our team of specialists have means that you can be sure the proper procedures are in place to make your workplace compliant.

Our water hygiene specialists can provide you with the information you need to understand the legislation involved with the work we carry out and will guarantee that your water tanks have the necessary processes in place to pass future audits.

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