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We come across galvanised steel water tanks quite often in the industry, and in many cases, the corrosion eats away at the steel and the tank becomes structurally compromised.

Flat steel tanks are susceptible to corrosion due to the original coating not having a protective metal substrate. This leads to the breakdown of the metal.

The tank then becomes vulnerable to bacteria growth, such as legionella. If the galvanised steel water tank is storing potable water, it is crucial that the tank is brought up to the standards set out by the HSE. Alternatively, it may need replacing with a new WRAS approved water tank.

Cold Water Storage offers two options. Our robust and reliable coating system is an effective long term solution. Our professional team applies a WRAS approved lining system once the tank has been mechanically prepared.

The result is a galvanised steel water tank that is guaranteed for 10 years and is protected from future corrosion and bacteria growth.

We also offer a full water tank replacement which includes supply and installation of a GRP water tank manufactured in the UK to British standards. We also offer temporary plumbing solutions, all connections and full tank removal and disposal.

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