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Issues With Concrete Water Tanks

Concrete is a strong material but it has limited flexibility. This means that as the water tank naturally contracts and expands over time, the concrete becomes weaker.

Eventually, this can lead to leaks and cracks in the walls of the tank. Leaks like this can lead to further issues including bacteria contamination and water damage.

Concrete is a porous material and over time can become a breeding ground for Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. If the water stored in the concrete tank is acidic, it can leach the calcium carbonate from the concrete into the water, resulting in hard water.

Refurbishing, Repairing & Relining Concrete Water Tanks

Cold Water Storage has a professional team of coating engineers who have the knowledge and experience to refurbish your problematic concrete water tank. We provide a quality, sustainable, long term solution which prevents these issues from happening again in the future.

Our robust preparation technique combined with our WRAS approved coating will protect your water tank from erosion and deterioration. It will also bring it up to HSE standards. See our case study which describes a recent project we completed on a concrete water tank in West Yorkshire.


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From the the moment we start working with you we are dedicated to the accurate assessment and planning and delivery of the project. We have a very efficient turnaround; and are accurate with the estimation of the length of project.

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