Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Deterioration

We are often asked to survey sites and put a plan together for refurbishing a cooling tower with corroded or deteriorated surfaces. This is usually due to the original coating delaminating and breaking down.

As a result, the surfaces can develop poor chemical resistance and start leaking. If left untreated cooling towers can develop sludge and scale which can lead to bacteria growth and legionnaires disease.

Cooling Tower Repair & Refurbishment

Cold Water Storage has a great deal of experience working on cooling tower repair projects. Our expertise and knowledge mean that our clients often get a more reliable and accurate quote and project plan. We can often foresee issues and challenges that come with cooling tower repair projects – and we take the necessary steps to ensure the project is a success.


Our team start with a thorough preparation using specialist mechanical equipment, and experienced operatives. Once the surface is ready and surface repairs have been carried out, we begin the application of our WRAS approved coating system. We apply this is in a specific way to ensure a robust and reliable coverage.

If you have any concerns about your cooling tower and would like to discuss your options or get a quote for a cooling tower repair, please give us a call on 0113 2295062.

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From the the moment we start working with you we are dedicated to the accurate assessment and planning and delivery of the project. We have a very efficient turnaround; and are accurate with the estimation of the length of project.

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