Do Water Tanks Come With Aftercare Or Guarantees? 13th January 2023

Do Water Tanks Come With Aftercare Or Guarantees?

When you invest in anything large or something on the costly side, you want to know that it’s lifespan will be good. Will it have some sort of guarantee in place to protect against any damages or inefficiencies?

Well, here at Cold Water Storage, every single tank lining system has a guarantee. A 10-year guarantee, in fact. So it should be protecting your tank against erosion, corrosion, and other things for at least 10 years from the date of application.

We also provide services to the clients we work with to ensure that their water hygiene systems are compliant with all the necessary legislations. Sometimes, this involves providing our water treatment services to the system.

But what is a guarantee and what does it mean to have one?

What Is A Guarantee?

A guarantee can sometimes be the same as a warranty if it is for a consumer. They are offered by the manufacturer and will be, typically, free.

Though they provide added protection to the consumer buying equipment, goods, or a service, it does not replace consumer rights. If the guarantee is shorter than consumer rights, which are 6 years, then it doesn’t mean that a problem cannot be raised once the guarantee period has passed.

Written guarantees are always better than verbal so making sure your goods or services has the guarantee written in the documents is important.

What Does It Mean To Have A Guarantee?

Guarantees are placed onto goods and services as a promise by the guarantor that this product or equipment will work as it’s designed to. And if it doesn’t, their guarantee means that they will solve any issues or inefficiencies it faces, free of charge.

This is their assurance regarding the quality of what they’re selling you, as well as assuring the lifespan. And if the goods or services haven’t lived up to the promise, you can claim your guarantee and take this claim to the manufacturer.

Registering A Guarantee

Often times when consumers are sold goods and services, the guarantee placed on them by the manufacturer has to be registered to be validated. Otherwise it will have no effect if the goods and services don’t live up to their purpose or the consumer experiences faults with them.

Not registering the guarantee also means that manufacturers or retailers can respond in kind that they can’t do anything the guarantee claims as it was not valid.

To make a claim, you will usually need the proof of your purchase, details of the problem, and a copy of the guarantee available.

Extended Guarantees

Extended guarantees are also offered by manufacturers to consumers. This is a servicing cover that is offered for a specified amount of additional time that goes beyond the original guarantee.

It’s basically an additional insurance policy that comes into play after the period of the original one has passed. It covers any repair costs and protects the consumer against faults, allowing them to take their purchase back to the manufacturer claiming guarantee.

Extended guarantees aren’t usually free considering most goods or services already come with one. Therefore, if a consumer wants to an extended guarantee on top of the one they have, they will usually have to pay a price for it.

Our Guarantee For Clients

Regulations govern the coatings used in water tank restoration in the United Kingdom. These requirements ensure that water tanks and their internal linings do not pollute the contents of the tank. The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) must approve every tank or coating system applied.

We employ the use of two flexible lining systems for water tanks. A solvent-free polyurethane coating that is specifically intended for relining potable and drinking water tanks.

We also use spray applied Polyurea which is a more recently developed lining system. This application dries in five seconds so is great for larger surface areas. This system provides excellent elongation and flexibility properties with no risk of cracking.

Our robust and reliable coating systems are effective, long-term solutions. CWS’ professional team applies a WRAS approved lining system after the tank has been mechanically prepared. They protect the tank entirely from future corrosion, erosion, and bacteria growth. And they’re guaranteed for 10 years.

Our Water Treatment Services

Our extensive experience in water hygiene services ensures that all organisations who engage with us have the most recently approved procedures in place. A lack of a proper water hygiene system poses a possibly life-threatening risk.

That’s why we’ll make certain that you have all of the information you need to understand your water hygiene risk assessment and the work that has been completed. Because of our specialised knowledge, we will be able to provide you with a full overview of what we’ve done and what’s required in the future to assure your compliance.

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We provide customised cold water tank services based on your water management system and industry. And due to our honesty, integrity, value, and knowledge in all aspects of water tanks and systems, we have earned a fantastic reputation among our clients and partners over the years.

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