How Can I Make My Water Tank Waterproof? 29th June 2022

How Can I Make My Water Tank Waterproof?

One important thing to consider when it comes to manufacturing water storage tanks is waterproofing. A way to do this is to line your water tank.

After few months of service, it’s common that water tanks will start to leak because of the underground water pressure. And the underground water pressure is exceptionally greater during the rainier seasons.

The main job of a water storage tank is to store water, for whatever purpose, so of course it needs to be capable of holding water without absorbing it. Ergo, it needs to be waterproof. And one of the ways to do this successfully is to make sure that water tanks are designed to efficiently withstand hydrostatic water pressure.

In this Cold Water Storage blog, we’ll discuss how you can make your tank waterproof and how that can help your water tank in the long run.

Why Waterproofing Is Important

When it comes to water storage tanks, one of the most common uses is to store potable water. Water is the most basic necessity of them all for human health so it’s essential that the water stored remains pure and clean.

Therefore without waterproofing, water leaking and forming cracks can cause soluble salts to enter and cause structural damage to the tank.

Additionally, foreign materials and bacteria can enter through cracks and leaks, potentially leading to the growth of fungus. For human health, fungus cannot be given the opportunity to grow inside the water tank and so the tank needs protection.

Factors to Consider

When thinking of the method of tank waterproofing for the storage tanks, there’s quite a few things that need to be considered, such as:

  • pH value,
  • mineral content,
  • water temperature,
  • water treatment,


  • chemical materials.

The materials used for waterproofing aren’t just to provide the tank with a waterproof coating but also materials that are safe to be used. These materials won’t interfere and cause contamination to the water, allowing it to retain its cleanliness and purity.

Storage tanks are already designed to perform certain actions well. For example, they’re designed to be resistant (to some extent) to hydrostatic pressure and well as the cleaning agents used to clean them. Not only that but they’re designed in a way that best protects them from corrosion and bacterial growth.

The services we offer here at Cold Water Storage relating to the maintenance of your tank are to boost these qualities and extend their life. Then they provide ample protection for much longer.

Application of Waterproofing Materials

The easiest way to waterproof tanks is to add a lining to both the interior and exterior of the tank.

Our Polyurea and Polyurethane coatings are great options and ever since they were first introduced to the industry, they’ve been incredibly successful every use.

Each of these coatings has a good chemical and UV resistance which makes each of them great for both interior and exterior applications. However, polyurea trumps polyurethane for exterior applications as the UV protection it offers is much higher.

These lining systems are both flexible but polyurethane does require more re-coatings than polyurea due to the nature of each substance. But because polyurea is a more efficient coating option than polyurethane, it is more expensive. Although, in the long run, the cost of polyurea should pay off as it requires fewer maintenance fees.

Polyurea is usually the better choice if time is not really on your side. It is applied via a hot spray method and takes 5 to 7 seconds to curate. So it dries fast. And because it’s thicker than Polyurethane, it takes fewer coating to achieve the desired thickness.

Polyurethane and Polyurea both have a lifespan of at least 20 years, up to 75 years in the case of Polyurea. Additionally, they’re waterproof and chemical-resistance which makes them incredibly ideal for water tank coatings. Well, that and the fact that they can help to prevent rust and corrosion as well as other deterioration.

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