How Do I Get A GRP Water Storage Tank Modified? 10th February 2023

How Do I Get A GRP Water Storage Tank Modified?

Cold Water Storage provides and installs GRP water tanks of various sizes to a wide range of enterprises in a variety of industries. The WRAS approved GRP tanks are built to the highest standard requirements.

They have sectional glass reinforced plastic panels that are both sturdy and potable water storage permitted.

Does your GRP tank no longer meet HSE regulations for potted water? How about the function of your tank? Well, the answer isn’t always a replacement. We can help. Cold Water Storage provides a number of services to upgrade, restore, and improve your GRP water tanks. This work is planned in the same manner as our water tank refurbishments and replacements.

Tank Modification and Repair

Here are some of the water tank alteration services we provide:

Installation of Access Manways

We retrofit low level access manways to provide for safer and easier maintenance and cleaning of your water tanks that can be done regularly.

Tie Bars and Roof Supports

To preserve the structural integrity of your tank, we can repair and replace water tank roof supports and tie bars.

Changes in the Capacity of the Water Tank

We are skilled at water tank alteration, which includes increasing or decreasing the capacity of your water tank to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Booster Sets

To improve the water pressure at your site, we can install, service, and repair booster sets.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Tanks

We are fully trained and qualified to clean and disinfect your home and industrial tanks, water towers, and mains pipes.

Our Process

Where possible, we will always recommend a repair, reline, or refurbishment/modification before a complete GRP tank replacement. The latter is the much more expensive option out of them. Project managers are more than happy to discuss anything and everything – customer concerns, the benefits of the project, and the drawbacks, too.

We have established a strong method of providing temporary water systems in order to minimise disturbance to the client’s company and downtime. This temporary water system assures a constant water supply during the construction period.

Regardless of whether a client chooses a repair or a full tank replacement, our skilled staff handle the project.

With our in-house project managers, we oversee the water tank modification project from start to finish. We’ll specify the work, developing Risk Assessments and Method Statements, as well as a delivery schedule. The quote and timeframe is on us, too.

Then we issue signed papers and a comprehensive completion report with photographic evidence once the project is completed. That way, you can be confident that the work was completed to the initial specification.

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Cold Water Storage is a water hygiene specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the water hygiene and legionella industries. We are experts in cold water tank repairs, modifications, and renovations.

Our professional engineering team delivers bespoke projects across the UK and has earned a good reputation among our clients.

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