How Long Do Galvanised Water Tanks Last? 2nd February 2022

How Long Do Galvanised Water Tanks Last?

If your cold water tank is no longer in the condition it once was, it can lead to water contamination. This can then lead to having bacteria in your water supply.

Knowing everything there is to know about water tanks is important so that you can make sure water is safe. Unsafe cold water tanks breach health and safety legislations.

In this blog, we will talk about galvanised water tanks and how long galvanised water tanks actually last.

What Is A Galvanised Water Tank?

Water storage tanks are designed to hold large amounts of water for commercial uses. There are few types of tanks but the most widely known one is a galvanised steel tank. This is a steel tank with a protective coating to help prevent rusting.

Other common water storage tanks are GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) cold water tanks, and concrete water tanks.

GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic, cold water tanks are becoming increasingly popular. They may be considered the best type of cold water storage tanks by some. This is due to the material’s high resistance, durability, and lightweight nature.

How Long Do Galvanised Water Tanks Last?

These particular tanks are popular because these materials can withstand corrosion and rust for many years. Steel, GRP, and concrete are all incredibly strong and durable materials which makes them suitable for water storage. If not maintained and inspected regularly, water tanks can start to corrode or sustain damage.

Because of their durability, these water tanks can last for many years.

Galvanised steel tanks can last, typically, for up to and over 30 years. Corrosion and rust can start to affect them after 20 years, creating small holes that may cause leaks. However, steel tanks can be maintained and if necessary, repaired. Then, your tank is as good as new.

Approved by the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme), glass-reinforced plastic water tanks are manufactured with GRP sectional panels. These tanks are manufactured using the highest standards.

Additionally, because of the sectional panels, it can be built to any shape or size.

GRP water tanks have good longevity due to the materials they are made with. This type of water tank can last for 25 years on average. They require less maintenance than concrete or steel tanks, but still should be inspected regularly.

Similarly to the others, concrete water tanks can last around 20 years. If there are added polymer materials into the precast concrete then this can increase its life expectancy.

Just like steel water tanks, concrete tanks can have leaks from cracks in the concrete where it has not been maintained.

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