How Long Do GRP Water Tanks Last? 30th January 2023

How Long Do GRP Water Tanks Last?

GRP water tanks, often known as Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fibre Glass, are one of the popular types of water storage tanks used. The GRP water tanks we supply and install are built from WRAS approved sectional GRP panels that have been approved for potable water storage.

They’re manufactured in Britain, to the highest standards.

How Long Do Fibreglass Water Tanks Last?

There are so many factors that can determine lifespan. In fact, it’s actually quite difficult to give a more specific estimation and that’s because of the sheer volume of considerations.

For example, there are multiple applications and situations to think about:

  • Abrasiveness
  • Tank flow rate
  • Chemical aggression
  • Maximum operating temperatures
  • Operating pressure

All of which can govern how the water tank’s life is affected. Shortened tank life can happen due to changes in the pressure and temperature, but also due to the environmental conditions of the area. Not to mention the numerous methods or materials used when producing the tank itself:

  • The type of resin used
  • Chemical quality and quantity of the resin
  • Reinforcement materials
  • Laminate design and the method of lamination that was used

Though we can’t really give an accurate estimation, if your tank is well maintained then GRP water storage tanks have been known to last for at least 25 years. And sometimes, that’s a minimum. The average lifespan is estimated at 30 and 40 years.

Benefits of A GRP Water Tank

Compared to other tank materials, GRP does offer quite a number of advantages.

Resistant to Corrosion

For many years, steel has been a go-to material for many structures’ designs and builds due to its tensile strength, durability, and adaptability – it blends in with everything naturally. But one of its main flaws is that it’s corrosive, requiring extra protection against chemical reactions.

In light of this, GRP becomes a popular first choice for a structure like a water tank because the water and material are bound to interact and have a reaction. And because our GRP tanks are made up of dense fibres of glass, it makes for a durable material that is also resistant to corrosion. This fibreglass mat actually forms a resin layer that won’t be subject to cracks, rusting, or degradation over time.

Additionally, this is also what makes the reinforced polymer tanks tolerant to some extreme environments.


Fibreglass is an incredibly lightweight material and installation is easier with this model of tank because the lighter weight means that no heavy lifting equipment is necessary. The cost of installation can be significantly reduced due to this.


Despite the lightweight nature of reinforced polymer, it is still a material of extreme strength. It has outperformed several materials in strength tests, including aluminium, which makes it one of the most ideal materials to use for long-term purpose.

Durability & Life Span

The average life span of a GRP water tank is 25 years minimum. With good care and regular checks and maintenance, 25 years can be extended to 30 or even 40 years.

And the best part is that the maintenance necessary for this model of water storage tank is actually very little. Due to the nature of the glass reinforced plastic, treating isn’t needed quite as much as it is for steel, for instance. Coating and painting isn’t, therefore, completely necessary but more of an optional choice.


When it comes to storing and distributing potable drinking water, glass reinforced plastic tanks are one of the most ideal.

In fact, they’re greatly beneficial to hospitals and schools if they have one installed because they’re adapted to prevent any algae and bacteria from growing. Overall, the result with a GRP water tank is that you’ll have a supply of water that is not only constant but also clean.

Our GRP Tanks

Cold Water Storage has trained crews with experience in GRP water tank installation in a wide range of structures across industries. We collaborate with you to understand your needs as well as any limits such as water supply and timeframes.

We’ll complete a thorough survey to evaluate the tank and give you our thoughts and recommendations. For instance, if the tank is physically sound and conveniently accessible, we may recommend repairs or refurbishment.

But if the tank is damaged structurally, has to be replaced or relocated, a new GRP tank installation may be the option. The CWS team handles the project from beginning to end, with in-house project managers that scope out the work, create Risk Assessments and Method Statements, and create a schedule.

Then, upon completion, we’ll issue signed papers and a comprehensive report with photographic evidence. You can be confident that the work we complete is done so to the initial specification and to the satisfaction of our customers.

Cold Water Storage

With more than 30 years of experience in the water hygiene industry, Cold Water Storage is a specialist water hygiene contractor.

We have many services and can deliver bespoke projects across the UK befitting to each preference our customers and clientele have. Thanks to this, and the skill of our team, we have built quite the reputation for ourselves among clients.

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