How Often Should I Have A Cold Water Tank Cleaned? 23rd July 2021

How Often Should I Have A Cold Water Tank Cleaned?

Find out how often you should have your cold water tank cleaned and assessed in this blog.

Why Do Cold Water Tanks Need Cleaning?

Cold water tanks are designed to hold potable water (water that is safe to drink or use in food). However, Legionella is a harmful bacteria often found in water.

If a water tank is not kept at the correct temperature, Legionella can begin to multiply. Similarly, stagnant water encourages Legionella growth. Cold water should be stored and distributed below 20°C to reduce the risk of Legionella.

If a cold water tank is contaminated with Legionella, the people using the water are at risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease. This is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia, which can be contracted by inhaling airborne water droplets containing viable Legionella bacteria.

How Often Should I Have A Cold Water Tank Cleaned?

Providing that your cold water tank has the correct water treatment system in place and is kept at the correct temperature, it is unlikely that I will need cleaning very often.

However, to ensure that the water treatment system is working effectively, your cold water tank will need to be periodically checked and inspected by a competent person. It will also need sampling for Legionella periodically.

According to HSE, the frequency of these checks should be determined by the level of risk, in accordance with the risk assessment. Some cold water tanks may need assessing more frequently than others depending on their structure and design system.

For example, a water tank with internal steel fastenings may experience corrosion and rust, which can create bacteria. This means they may need checking more frequently than other types of cold water tanks.

If a potential risk is identified during a periodic check, the cold water tank will need professionally surveying to understand the problem and treat it. The cold water tank may need cleaning, or it may need relining or repairing.

Can I Do It Myself?

To ensure safety, your cold water tank should be assessed and treated by a qualified and experienced professional. A specialist water hygiene contractor, like us here at Cold Water Storage, will have an understanding of the regulations and legislation that must be met.

For example, water hygiene and legionella requirements must be compliant with ACOP L8 Legislation and must meet standards set out by the Health And Safety Executive. The products and materials used within your cold water system should also be approved by the Water Regulations Approval Scheme.

At Cold Water Storage, we always use proven and highly specialised methods across all our water treatment services, which have been honed and developed specifically for the water industry.

In addition, our water service specialists are fully qualified within a variety of engineering disciplines. Our team has the necessary qualifications and experience needed to assess, clean and repair your water hygiene systems.

Legionella And Water Treatment Services

Cold Water Storage offers a variety of services to help your business meet water hygiene standards. For example, our Legionella Prevention Service includes:

  • Description of the system
  • Training of key personnel
  • Identified potential risk sources
  • Means of preventing the risk or controls in place
  • Monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures
  • Records of the monitoring results and inspection checks carried out
  • Full schematic diagram of the water system in place
  • Arrangements to review the risk assessment regularly

If an issue is identified during a risk assessment, our team will complete a full survey of the problem there and then. Our expert risk assessor and mechanical fitters will then put a proposal together for the different corrective options along with costings. Where possible, we will always aim to help you save money.

Damaged Cold Water Tank?

Contaminated water often stems from a problem, such as erosion of the internal surfaces. If this is the case, you have several options.

As long as the tank is structurally sound, Cold Water Storage will almost always recommend a repair and reline, which is the most sustainable and cost-friendly option. If the tank is not structurally sound, and the damage is causing problems with the water, the cold water tank may need replacing.

At Cold Water Storage, we provide bespoke services depending on the condition of your cold water tank and the preferences of your business.

Our range of specialist services includes Water Tank Repairs and Relines (cooling towers, concrete, steel and GRP), Water Tank Installations and Replacements, Legionella Management Services and Mechanical Engineering.

Get In Touch

Cold Water Storage is a specialist water hygiene contractor with a combined 30 years in the water hygiene and legionella industry.

Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to carefully assess your water tank and offer several excellent solutions. We can professionally clean and disinfect all domestic and industrial water systems to prevent Legionella and ensure you meet HSE regulations.

If you believe you require a cold water tank clean, please contact our team today. You can call us on 0113 229 5062 or email us at