How Quickly Can A New Water Tank Be Fitted? 4th January 2023

How Quickly Can A New Water Tank Be Fitted?

At Cold Water Storage, we aim to fit new water storage tanks as quickly as possible. Because we know how important it is to have a continuous and reliable system, we would hate to cause any disruption at all to its operation.

That’s why minimal disruption is our main priority. Over the years, we have created a reliable method of offering temporary water systems in order to prevent any downtime and guarantee water supply continuity.

To provide a constant water supply during the period of repairs, we can install a temporary mains bypass or a temporary tanked system before the tank replacement process or any tank corrective operations.

But how do you new when you need a new water storage tank fitted?

When To Fit A New Water Tank

If you’re looking to fit a new water tank, one that will replace another one, you need to know when a new tank actually needs fitting. And there’s plenty of ways to find that out. To help you, we’re going to give you some of the main signs you should be looking for.

Age of Tank

The age of your water tank is one of the major factors. Older tanks are more likely to break down than those that are newer just simply due to eventual material breakdown. Generally, water tanks can last up to 30 years and have less issues when first installed because they’ve been managed and had a protective coating applied.

But chances are that you’ll be spending plenty of money on an older tank for any repairs and issues it needs, as well as a potential replacement.

By maintaining your tank well from the get-go, you can really get the most out of it for its 30 year – or potentially longer – lifespan.

Tank Leaks

Leaks aren’t great. They’re a red flag.

If you spot any leakages coming from anywhere around your tank, whether it’s the pipes or the walls themselves, it’s a bad sign for your tank. Sometimes it can be a simple solution – your pipes just need readjusting as they weren’t fitted correctly.

Other times, it can be a more serious issue, like corrosion breaking down the material and causing cracks to form, allowing water to escape the tank as a leak. This can be a real problem, not only because the corrosion is deteriorating the tank composite but also because it means foreign materials can get into the tank. Something which contaminates the water stored inside.

Problems like these aren’t really repairable and getting a new water storage tank is the best course of action to consider at this stage.

Water Temperature Issues

Once you have a water tank installed and fill it with water, the tank works very well to make sure the water stored remains at a recommended temperature. One that doesn’t encourage bacteria growth or spreading and ensures that the water inside can remain hygienic.

So if the temperature of the water inside your water tank is fluctuating, this could be a sign that the tank isn’t performing as it should – especially in the case of cooling towers or rainwater collecting tanks.

For example, plastic water tanks are designed to help make sure the water stored remains at a rather general temperature, like at room temp. But if the water is very cold or considerately warmer, it could be the construction of the tank that’s a problem. It could even be a tank-age-related problem.

Rust in the Water Supply

Discovering rust in your water supply at any point is a clear sign of water hygiene issues and a potential rust problem inside the tank. Rusty water is never, never good. Neither is it clean, safe, or hygienic.

Water with rust in can cause health problems so if this is something you’ve noticed, your tank is possibly leaking or has a serious corrosion issue. In this instance, a new tank installation is a good consideration.

Our Installation Services

We, Cold Water Storage, offer and set up GRP water tanks that are made in Britain to the highest standards using WRAS approved sectional GRP panels for potable water storage. (GRP is Glass-Fibre Polymer. It produces a material that is incredibly strong and long-lasting.)

Across all industries and types of buildings, CWS offers skilled staff with experience installing GRP water tanks. We collaborate with you to fully grasp your needs as well as any limitations, such as time and water availability.

Firstly, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of the tank and offer you our comments and recommendations. Then, Cold Water Storage oversees the project from beginning to end with the help of our own project managers who specify the work, create the risk assessments, method statements, and delivery schedules.

You can be sure that the work has been done according to the original specification when we provide with signed papers and a detailed completion report with photographic evidence once the project is finished.

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