How To Prevent Cold Water Tank Erosion 30th July 2021

How To Prevent Cold Water Tank Erosion

Knowing how to prevent cold water tank erosion is essential as it reduces contamination of potable water and ensures your water tank meets hygiene standards.

In recent years, concrete water tanks have become a popular option due to them being the cheaper and most accessible option in comparison to steel water tanks.

Although all tanks are strong and durable, they are susceptible to erosion. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss how to prevent cold water tank erosion and the options you have available if you were to encounter this issue.

Why Do Water Tanks Erode?

Erosion is a complex series of reactions. It is the deterioration of a material that results from a chemical reaction with its environment.

Water tanks are made up of differing materials. Depending on what industry and purpose you require the water tank will determine which material we’d recommend to you and your company.

Water tanks that are made up of steel are highly susceptible to erosion. It is accelerated by several factors such as the interaction with components or stray electric currents.

Why Erosion Should Be Avoided

Water tanks are open to deterioration and erosion if they are unprotected when coming into contact with chemical solutions.

Without the implementation of the appropriate measures, water storage tanks will deteriorate over time, resulting in holes or possible structural failure. Deterioration will lead to micro-aquatic bacterial growth including Legionella and a build-up of biofilm.

The result of contaminated water means it is no longer safe for function. If your tank is storing drinking water, your water supply is no longer safe or suitable for use.

Water Tank Lining

The best way to prevent erosion in your water tank is to ensure it is correctly lined, so the structure of the tank is retained. Here at Cold Water Storage, we can ensure that your water tank is lined properly so you can avoid any unnecessary damage.

A long-term solution to eliminating this problem is to apply our new lining system – spray-applied polyurea. This lining system is super quick, drying large areas within five seconds.

The water tank reline system is WRAS approved and Regulation 31/DWI approved meaning that compliance is assured. The Polyurea lining system has fantastic properties of elongation and flexibility with zero risks of cracking or failure.

Our coating will leave you with a finish that will be easier to inspect and better for the function of the water tank.

Cold Water Storage – Legionella Services

Deterioration of your water tank could lead to bacteria growth such as legionella. If you’re an employer, or in control of premises, including the landlord, you must realise the health risks associated with legionella.

To ensure Legionella prevention, Cold Water Storage provides a thorough risk assessment. We assess the water system in place and ensure a survey is undertaken.

The risk assessment allows us to fully understand your water system, from any pipework to other assets, it’s all part of the examination. We’ll put together a proposal together with the different corrective options along with all the costs.

Our team are experts with 3 decades of experience, we can suggest several fore sable options depending on your budget and the risk at the helm.

Our experts carry out the clean and disinfection of all domestic and industrial water systems including:

  • Cold Water Storage Tanks
  • Cooling Towers
  • Hot Water Storage Units
  • Mains Pipework

Why Choose Cold Water Storage?

Cold Water Storage has a collective of 30 years of experience in the water hygiene and legionella industry. This includes water tank repairs, replacements, installations and cleaning.

Our experience, expert knowledge of water systems and the products we use to make us a leader in the industry.

Whilst we’re fulfilling your requirements, there won’t be a second that goes by without access to water. From start to finish we will provide minimal disruption while meeting requirements to compliance with ACOP L8 Legislation, WRAS and HSE regulations.

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