Repairing Galvanised Steel Water Tanks 2nd September 2021

Repairing Galvanised Steel Water Tanks

Galvanised steel water tanks are important in many different industries, so they must be properly lined to function without any faults. Galvanised Water tanks are primary water sources in many rural areas, as well as secondary water sources on residential properties.

Galvanised water tanks are relatively sturdy and cheap, making them the perfect applications for watering livestock and storing large amounts of water. The tanks are covered in a coating of zinc, which protects the underlying metal from rust and corrosion.

Over time, galvanised steel tanks can develop pin-holes that show as lines of rust on the tank.

This blog is designed to help you understand the process of repairing galvanised steel water tanks, other repair services you could encounter and the reasoning behind the tank needing to be repaired.

Why Does My Galvanised Steel Water Tank Need Repairing?

Over time, galvanised steel water tanks corrode. Your tank is open to the risk of the development of bacteria such as legionella. Flat steel tanks are susceptible to corrosion due to the original coating not having a protective metal substrate. This leads to the breakdown of the metal.

Rather than replace the tank (which we would only do as the last resort), we can reline the tank. Relining the tank means that we can get rid of the corrosion and effectively give your tank a new interior look and feel. If a galvanised steel water tank is left without repair, it can become too late to repair the water tank. The water tank may then need replacing.

If the galvanised steel water tank is storing drinkable water, the tank must be brought up to the standards set out by the HSE. At worst, it may need replacing with a new WRAS approved water tank.

Our Leaking Galvanised Steel Water Tank Service

With over 30 years of experience in the water hygiene and legionella industry, you can imagine the amount of galvanised steel water tanks we’ve come across. It is relatively common for corrosion to eat away at the steel over a long period of time, meaning the tank becomes structurally compromised.

At Cold Water Storage we have two options available – either reline or replace.

Because a water tank is corroding or eroding it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll need to replace your water tank. In most cases, the professional refurbishment work carried out on the existing tank can be a cost-effective alternative and still have a 10-year guarantee. This is why we’ll only replace as the last option.

Repairing galvanised steel water tanks is something we have plenty of experience in.  Our repairing and relining service includes a reliable and robust coating system that is a long term solution.Our professional team applies a WRAS approved lining system once the tank has been mechanically prepared. Our relining service can guarantee your galvanised steel water tank for 10 years of protection from future corrosion and bacteria growth.

The second option is our replacement service. A full water tank replacement includes the supply and installation of a GRP water tank that complies with British standards. We also offer a temporary plumbing solution, all connections and full tank removal and disposal.

How Much Would Relining A Galvanised Steel Water Tank Cost?

The cost of relining a galvanised water tank repair can vary from site to site. Our expert engineers will always recommend the best and most cost-effective service/solution of action for your water system. You can get a quick free no-obligation quote by emailing us today or giving us a call on 0113 229 5062

Why Choose Cold Water Storage?

Our collective 30 years of experience has allowed our service to be completely bespoke to each customer. We have developed a system that is professional, cost-effective and high spec for each water management system.

Cold Water Storage has qualified engineers our expertise lies in a wide range of water hygiene and Legionella management solutions spanning across a variety of industries. We offer full project management on all our services. They include:

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