Top 5 Reasons To Reline Your Water Storage Tank 15th August 2022

Top 5 Reasons To Reline Your Water Storage Tank

For industrial and hospitality industries, as well as domestic locations, water storage tanks actually play quite a large role in efficient water provision.

Due to wear and tear, water tanks can sustain damage in many ways. Through corrosion and rust, or general leaks or cracks. All of which is normal, especially for those that have had their tanks for more than a few years.

Normal as it may be, though, it’s not great for the overall health of your tank. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your water storage tank is well maintained. This ensures that it is always in top condition to function and that it complies with regulations.

And depending on the size of your tank, plus the location of it, a lot of people automatically assume that a replacement is necessary. That’s not true at all. Not when tank relining is an option. Especially when it’s of a superior quality and provided by professionals.

Here’s some of the reasons as to why tank relining may be the best option for your water storage tanks.

1.    Cost-Effective

If you were to replace your water tank completely, it would cost considerably more. Because replacement entails extra costs such as the removal of the old tank, new tank re-installation, plus the cost of buying the new tank.

If your tank has already been lined, the tank liner can be repaired with treatment for tank refurbishment.

2.    Anti-Corrosion

Water storage tanks, steel ones especially, are quite susceptible to corrosion and rust.

Corrosion is a naturally occurring chemical reaction causing the deterioration of metallic materials. It’s a common part in the lifecycle of a water tank, mostly due to oxidation reactions which will always occur between water and metal.

So having a tank liner installed is a great way to protect your tank from corrosion and rust risks. Our lining systems are designed to disrupt ion transfer and restrict the passage of electrons which are necessary for corrosion to take precedent.

3.    Resistance to Bacteria

Not only can corrosion cause general wear and tear damage, but it can also lead to bacterial growth. Particularly micro-aquatic bacterial growth of water borne microbes such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, and biofilm.

4.    Water Safety Improvements

When your water tank is in the works as a relining project, it is typical for an assessment to be performed. But before the relining process takes place, the tank must be cleaned and disinfected to make sure that all bacteria is removed.

You will have peace of mind knowing that the tank is refreshed both before and after the lining system is applied to it. Additionally, it also means that your water safety will be enhanced due to disinfecting, cleaning, and removing bacteria. Having a clean tank with a fresh new lining system applied really helps to protect against further bacterial growth, enhancing the safety of your stored water.

5.    Maintenance Ease

When a lining system is first applied to a tank, it leaves the internal surface very smooth making it incredibly easy to clean as well as maintain.

Cold Water Storage’s tank lining systems are also incredibly flexible and durable. They will completely cover the internal space of your water tank and are capable of accommodating any structural movement. The liners, therefore, can independently expand and contract which actually helps to protect the structural integrity of the tank.

Of course there are variances in size when it comes to water tanks but, lining systems can manage this very easily. In fact, our spray applied Polyurea tank coating is incredibly helpful in this case. As it is spray-applied, it is easily adaptable and can cover large surfaces in a shorter time.

Our Tank Relining Options

Cold Water Storage has two main tank lining systems to choose from: Polyurethane coatings and Polyurea coatings.

Both our liners have good chemical resistance and UV resistance which makes them ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Each liner is flexible and protects against corrosion and bacterial growth.

However, our spray applied Polyurea liner has an incredibly fast curing time which means it goes onto your tank faster. And it dries faster. That means there’s as little disruption as possible to your business operations.

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