Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Reline Your Water Storage Tank 18th November 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Reline Your Water Storage Tank

Water tanks are highly useful components for any business or industrial environment. However, they do inevitably deteriorate over time. Which is why it’s essential to take into account water tank liners since they can reduce the rate of corrosion.

Relining extends the lifespan of the water tank whilst offering a flexible and long-lasting alternative to replacing a damaged tank liner.

What is A Tank Lining?

Tank lining is a method used to repair the lining of a tank after it has deteriorated due to water entrapment. Some customised water tanks produce spot pools below or next to the tank and also have high bacterial count in the water that flows through them.

Corrosion of the bolts and other metal parts of the tank are the less evident shows of failing tank liners. If you don’t want to completely replace a tank, relining is the best solution.

Why You Should Choose Relining Over Replacing

Water tanks provide a useful utility in residential and commercial situations. When they’re in good shape and adhere to contemporary standards, they operate more effectively. Tanks can exhibit deterioration and corrosive symptoms when they aren’t properly maintained.

Corrosion decreases the general health of the water tank even though it’s a typical occurrence – especially for steel tanks.

5 Reasons to Reline Your Water Tank

Cost Efficient

The expense of getting a tank replaced is much higher in comparison to having it relined. This is because the old tank must first be removed, and the area checked over before a new tank can be installed. Not to mention that it also has to be built.

And including the engineers and other personnel needed to complete the job. Of course, there are instances where replacement is the only choice. However, it is more advised to invest money on a high standard, top-quality tank liner. But only if your tank is still structurally sound and replacing is unnecessary.

Tanks can be renovated and relined quickly, effectively, and affordably! All with an experienced professional handling the installation.

Time Efficient

Total tank replacements aren’t the most time-effective option. Sometimes it’s necessary, like when the structure is damaged beyond repair or the tank itself is too old. But it can be a hinderance to your business if you rely on it regularly.

You have to wait until construction for the new tank is complete but then it can’t be installed immediately. Not if your old tank is still there. So you need to account for removal, construction, installation. Plus if the tank is being constructed elsewhere then you need to think of travel time.

Then when a new tank is installed, tests need to be run. Just to check that it’s in top form, working effectively.

So if installation is what you go for, your tank will be out of commission for a short while. In comparison, if you opt to use our spray applied Polyurea lining system, the lining of your tank will be completed fairly quickly.

Protection Against Corrosion

Relining is essential for the water tank’s health since it can assist in preventing water tank damage and bacteria growth.

The constant presence of moisture and water means that tanks are prone to ordinary wear and tear. Properly lined water tanks work well protecting against these things. The lining serves as a barrier, shielding the material of the tank from the water.

With tank liners, increasing the longevity of your tank is a benefit.

Resistance to Bacteria

Legionella, Pseudomonas, biofilm and several other water-borne organisms can grow as a result of water tank corrosion.

Prevention, for example, would be to line a steel water tank with an authorised solvent-free coating. The lining assists to prevent this bacterial growth.

Reduced Maintenance

The interior surface of the tank is left renewed in strength and smoothness which makes it simple to clean and maintain once the liner is applied. Additionally, tank liners can adapt to any structural movement due to their incredible flexibility.

As a result, the liners move independently as they expand and compress, preserving structural integrity.

Our Coating Solutions

The product we use here at Cold Water Storage provides water tanks with a flexible coating and lining. It is a solvent-free polyurethane coating that has received WRAS approval, created especially for relining drinking and potable water tanks. This system offers great defence against corrosion and erosive forces.

Our other product is spray applied Polyurea, a more contemporary lining system. This lining system may be applied to big areas extremely rapidly and dries to the touch in just five seconds. Not only is this lining also WRAS approved but it also has excellent flexibility and elongation characteristics. So the chances of failure or cracking are zero.

On all of our tank lining systems, we provide a 10-year extended guarantee option.

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