Water Tank Painting: The Colour For A Water Tank 15th December 2022

Water Tank Painting: The Colour For A Water Tank

One of the best ways to safeguard and increase the lifespan of your water storage tank is to paint it. This is true for older tanks, ones that have been in use for a number of years, just as much as it is for newly constructed tanks.

Because regardless of their age, a new lick of a coating can help a tank last longer by shielding it from the elements, contaminants, and other things.

Painting water tanks is now much safer than it used to be, and has a much higher chance of producing brilliant, durable results. However, to get there, you should be anticipating meticulous project planning and you need to share as much information as possible. About your preferences, your expectations – everything someone would need to know to meet your requirements.

Choosing A Water Tank

There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting your water storage tank. First of all, the type of tank you’re looking for in regard to the material it’s made of. Then you also have to consider your size requirements, what fits onto your location and the volume of storage you’ll need.

These are the more obvious questions you’ll first think up. Some tanks are popular for many people due to what they offer. Like food-grade poly rainwater tanks which are lightweight, durable, and have affordable pricing.

But another benefit and stand-out point for polyethylene tanks is their wide variety in colours.

Choosing A Water Tank Colour

Knowing where you will situate your tank is quite an essential part of the colour choosing process. Ideally, you’ll probably be wanting to match the tank’s colour to its surroundings as to blend in seamlessly.

Although picking the colour of a tank is primarily a matter of taste, it can also have an impact on the quality and temperature of the water you’re storing.

Polyethylene is designed to keep the heat out but darker colours such as black or deep shades of blue will trap heat inside. So if you plan to use the water straight from the tank or want the water to be chilly or at room temperature, it is advised to use lighter colours.

Considering The Purpose

Plenty of people choose the colour of their tank by matching it with a colour already present on their house, shed, or fence. But there are other practical considerations to take into account when picking the right tank colour for you.

Darker coloured tanks tend to absorb more heat from the sun, which can make the water stored inside warm or hot rather than keeping it cool. Since heated water isn’t as refreshing, this isn’t particularly advised. Even more so if you want to use your water for drinking.

Not to mention that bacteria and algae thrive better in water that’s warm.

Using A Black Water Tank

Black water tanks keep light from penetrating the inside of the material, where photosynthesis can result in the growth of algae and spread of light-sensitive bacteria. The amount of growth that occurs can be multiplied many times when the inner solution is exposed to sunlight.

So when choosing plastic water tanks, obstructing sunlight is a crucial factor. Additionally, because of their inherent robustness, black water tanks have a longer lifespan. They are also more resistant to UV rays.

Using A White Water Tank

There’s a wide variety of uses for water tanks and there’s, basically, two types of water storage tanks: above-ground water storage tank, and below-ground water storage tank.

Bright white tanks can be used for both home and commercial purposes, not only adding visual value to the structure but keeping the water stored inside at a consistent room temperature.

Benefits of Painting Your Water Tank

Apart from defending and adding aesthetic appeal to your water tanks, painting a water storage tank or cooling tower lowers your maintenance expenses.

When it comes to steel tanks, using specialised protective coatings helps to maintain their structural integrity by preventing corrosion. LINK HERE PLEASE TO COATINGS Repainting a tank prevents corrosion from progressing if it has already started to set in.

It also maintains the dependability of the water tank, helping to stop the growth of bacteria along with other impurities, including rust and interior damage. That being said, though, painted surfaces of tanks are susceptible to cracking, peeling, and flaking as a result of outdoor weather extremes and UV light deterioration.

Water tank painting is really quite suitable for all kinds of storage tanks – chemical or ground storage oil tanks, propane tanks, sewage and wastewater tanks, and private or municipal water tanks. Paint is a good way to make your tank more appealing, or to make it appear less bulging on your property. Especially one that may be in the hospitality business where customers will see.

Spray paints are a far more popular and practical choice when painting areas that are more confined and tougher to access, or when the shapes are irregular. It will take less time and result in better coverage to use a sprayer rather than a brush. Plus, the finish won’t be upset by brush streaks.

CWS: Tank Lining Experts

Cold Water Storage has developed a reliable and powerful water tank repair and relining service over the past 15 years. Whenever possible, repairing and relining the best option for a tank. If water tanks are structurally sound, it’s more environmentally favourable to reline, fix, or refurbish it.

We address issues like bacterial growth, eroding mastic, erosion, and corrosion of internal steel fasteners. Any tank or coating material should receive approval from the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) before use – and all of ours do.

A material that offers flexible coating and lining for water tanks is used by us. A Polyurethane coating that is solvent-free. Also, we use spray applied Polyurea, a more contemporary technique. This lining method dries to the touch in five seconds and may be applied to large surfaces very quickly. The water tank relining technology is compliant, with Regulation 31/DWI approvals.

With little danger of failure or breaking, the Polyurea liner technology offers exceptional elongation and flexibility qualities. It was designed specially for relining tanks holding potable and drinking water. Along with excellent protection from corrosive and erosive pressures.

We also offer a 10-year warranty on all of our tank lining systems. For your free, no-obligation quote, send us an email right away or contact us by phoning 01943 872 311. Our expert team is always on hand to help you with your enquiries.