Water Tank Painting: Which Paint is Best for Steel? 9th November 2022

Water Tank Painting: Which Paint is Best for Steel?

All steel buildings, facilities, and systems that are exposed to the atmosphere, submerged in water, or buried in the ground suffer from corrosion and need to be protected. It can appear worn or damaged if the metal is rusted or otherwise discoloured.

Painting metal surfaces can be challenging, so you either need paints made especially for metal or a multi-purpose surface paint that will work on metal.

This article has been created to provide you with a little guidance on which paints are good for steel.


This sort of paint is ideal for metal since it is strong and resistance to stains and blemishes. Once applied, the surface is simple to keep clean and it can be sued to cover up flaws.

Oil-based paints typically work best when a primer is applied before the metal paint. It can be applied without primers, though. Using a primer will result in a finish that is more even and smooth.


Since they have been around for a while, latex or water-based paints are frequently the product of choice for many. These paints are made of acrylic, vinyl, or composite materials based on rubber. The short drying period of water-based paints is one of their most well-liked benefits.

Additionally, they don’t emit any offensive odours, are non-flammable, and are simple to maintain clean. Moreover, your painting supplies are simple to clean after use. As a result, it is generally a more practical and secure alternative to oil-based paints.

In contrast to oil-based paint, water-based paint may cause rust to develop over time if it is applied straight to the surface without any priming. Therefore, be sure to first coat the metal surface with an oil-based primer.

Oil-based paints are the most durable for metal in the long run when compared to water-based paints.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint

Your metal paint may need to be able to resist high temperatures or stop the growth of rust under certain conditions. The metal itself possesses the ability to conduct heat well as one of its qualities. As a result, you require a paint that can withstand higher temperatures.

Paints not designed to do so won’t last very long on the surface.

Options for rust and resistance to moisture should also be taken into account. Especially for water storage tanks. Any metal surface frequently being exposed to moisture needs to be painted with rust-resistant paint. This guarantees the appearance and toughness of the surface of the metal.

Great Options for Steel

Enamel or oil-based paints, which are fantastic because they create a durable and hard surface, are typically the best paint for steel. Sometimes, you may not desire this or find it difficult to obtain. You might need to hunt for a few options if this occurs. The next step is to look for metal paints that are properly prepared and have a unique property.

When painting in smaller or harder-to-reach places with irregular shapes, spray paints are a really common and more practical option. Using a sprayer instead of a brush will save time and provide better coverage.

Furthermore, there won’t be any annoyance in the finish due to brush streaks. For convenience, some paints are even offered as a two-in-one paint and primer.

Tank Lining Experts

Over the past 15 years, Cold Water Storage has created a strong and dependable water tank repair and relining services that is frequently the best choice whenever possible. The more environmentally friendly choice is to reline, repair, or renovate the water tank if it is structurally sound.

Our method takes care of problems, including bacterial development, eroding mastic, erosion, and corrosion of internal steel fasteners.

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) should approve any tank or coating substance before use. Cold Water Storage uses a product that provides water tanks with a flexible coating and lining. It is a solvent-free polyurethane coating that has been WRAS approved.

We also use spray applied Polyurea, a more recently developed system. This lining technique may be applied to big areas extremely quickly and dries to touch in five seconds. The water tank relining system has received WRAS and Regulation 31/DWI approvals, ensuring compliance.

The Polyurea liner technology provides excellent elongation and flexibility features with little chance of failure or cracking.

Created especially for relining drinking and potable water tanks. It offers great defence against corrosion and erosive forces. And on all of our tank liner systems, we provide a 10-year warranty.

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