Water Tank Repair Near Me 29th September 2022

Water Tank Repair Near Me

Here at Cold Water Storage, we have a collective of 30 years’ experience in the water hygiene and Legionella industry. And our goal is simple: offer customers the most specialised, cost-efficient, and professional water management system solution available.

We can offer a customised solution to fit any customer in any sector. Our expertise, comprehensive understanding of water systems and the materials we employ make us a leader in this business. Cold Water Storage also has certified engineers that specialise in many management solutions, including repairs, for a range of clients and industries.

We’ve completed jobs up and down the country, from Kent to Bradford, so if you’re in need of a water tank repair, look no further.

Our Planning Process

As soon as we begin working with you, we are committed to providing you many things – an acute evaluation, project planning, and delivery. We can turn things around fairly quickly as well as accurately predict how long a job will take us.

In fact, you can trust that Cold Water Storage truly will go above and beyond with all that we do. Including our cold water tank repair and water tank installation processes.

If you needed a service from us, here’s how our process works:

  • We will have phone calls with you in order to be knowledgeable of the problem at hand so that we can understand what requirements may be necessary.
  • A site survey will be performed so that a full, thorough assessment of the plant can be taken.
  • After that, there will be a completely in-depth proposal. This proposal will usually include up to two options, fully kitted out with detailed specifications and an estimated duration time for when the project will be completed. All proposals we produce for clients also include firm pricing.
  • Before the project is started, the client will be privy to the Gantt chart we create which outlines a repair process, complete with timings and daily activities. (Gantt charts are used in project management for tracking project schedules.)
  • Because Health & Safety is really important to us, every client involved with the project will receive a RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) plus certificates for all the engineers involved.
  • We don’t just plan the actual project we also plan for waste removal. So we will always consider all factors for each specific site.
  • Once the project is completed, a CWS team leader will be the one to lead you around the site. They won’t be able to sign off the job until they have a seal of approval from the client.
  • Finally, we will gather photographic and video evidence throughout the duration of the project to use when we submit our full completion report.

Our Water Tank Repair Service

For over 15 years, we have created a strong and dependable water tank relining and repairs service that is frequently the best choice whenever possible. The more environmentally friendly choice is to reline, repair, or renovate the water tank if it is physically sound structurally and if maintenance access is simple.

Our method takes care of problems including bacterial development, damaged mastic, erosion, and corrosion of internal steel fasteners.

So how does our repairs service work?

Following our own planning process, we complete a survey for tank assessment and give you the recommendations we have on solving your problems.

When it comes to tank relining, we use a product that offers a lining that is flexible and specially for water tanks. Additionally, it is a WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved, solvent-free polyurethane coating specifically suitable for potable and drinking water tanks. Not to mention that we even offer a 10-year guarantee on all our tank lining systems.

Whatever product or method you decide to choose, we can manage the whole service from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

We provide our clients with high-quality, professional, and economical solutions for their water management systems.

Cold water tank maintenance; water tank repairs and relining; water tank installations and replacements, and mechanical engineering are just a few speciality services from our exhaustive list. Devoted engineers with years of expertise in the water hygiene and Legionella industries provide all of these services.

Throughout the years, we have seriously built quite the reputation among our partners, clients, and customers. All thanks to our integrity and honesty, outstanding value, and knowledge o fall aspects of water tanks and systems.

A Case Study in Kendal

We carried out a repair in Kendal, Cumbria for a client who had a 40-year-old steel Braithwaite water tank that was leaking badly and had severe corrosion. Before they came to Cold Water Storage, an assessment told them they would need a replacement – a costly, disruptive service.

And our solution? Remove scale corrosion from the tank, shot blast abrasion followed by vacuuming out debris from internal surfaces. Then, all the holes in the tank were repaired by welding and a WRAS approved lining system was applied to the tank base and walls for 3 coatings.

Once the lining system cured and the tank was refilled, it was fit to resume operation.

You can check out some of our other case studies here – they cover all of our services from repairs to replacements.

Get in Touch

Cold Water Storage’s expert team is always ready to talk, whether it’s about issues you’ve been having or a question about a consultation. Just call us direct at 01943 872 311 to get in touch. Or you can email us at info@coldwaterstorage.co.uk.

Our dedicated specialists always put in maximum effort to ensure that every job we work on meets both clients’ needs and legislation. If you want a quality job, we’re the ones who can deliver it – no matter if you’re local or across the country.

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