What Are The Benefits Of Water Tank Re-Coating? 12th May 2022

What Are The Benefits Of Water Tank Re-Coating?

Over time, water tanks can be subject to a number of problems, both externally and internally.

Issues such as bacteria growth, corrosion, leaks, and non-compliance. Therefore, water tank suppliers came up with a solution – water tank linings. Specifically designed to prolong and guarantee the life of a water tank.

They are flexible and provide excellent protection against typical water tank issues.

In this blog, we’re going to review what water tank linings are and the lining systems offered by Cold Water Storage.

What Is A Water Tank Lining?

Lining in a water tank is used to provide extra protection for a water tank. The actual lining is a material that is used in order to create a strong film that prevents contamination – from both chemicals and bacteria.

Subsequently, it also helps to prevent leaks and internal tank wall corrosion. It’s common for water tank linings to be spray-applied.

Lining Systems Offered By Cold Water Storage

Cold Water Storage specialises in three types of lining systems:

  • Polyurea
  • Polyurethane
  • Butyl and EPDM


Our Polyurea lining is WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved.

Polyurea is a synthetic polymer obtained from a chemical reaction between a diamine and diisocyanate, a liquid compound. The molecular structure created is pure polyurea, which is completely resistant to moisture.

It’s insensitivity to water makes it perfect for coating water tank interiors.


Our WRAS approved Polyurethane lining is an excellent waterproof material.

Another polymer material, Polyurethane has an extra molecular bond in its structure. Being able to withstand high temperatures, chemical exposure, and harsh conditions is what makes it ideal for water tank linings.

Butyl and EPDM

WRAS approved Butyl and EPDM tank linings are rubber linings with similar properties.

Butyl and EPDM are both made from polymers – Butyl linings are made from Butyl polymer and EPDM is made with 100% EPDM polymer (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). In fact, the ethylene content alone can make up anywhere from 45% to 75% of the molecular structure.

These liners are both of a high-quality, have good strength and flexibility and are non-toxic. This is why they are commonly used as water containment solutions, like lining water storage tanks.

Benefits Of Water Tank Re-Coating

Water tanks should be well maintained, comply with regulations, and be in the best possible condition.

It may be that your water tank is showing signs of wear and tear but that may not always require a replacement. Not when a tank lining could solve the issue! Here’s some of the benefits of water tank re-coating:

Cost Efficient

Replacements are okay – you get a fresh, new water tank. They’re just not always necessary.

So rather than going straight to the water tank replacement service option, why not assess the damage? See if a replacement is completely necessary. You may find that a lining is the perfect solution.

Water tank replacement is a huge job and, of course, it has a cost attached. A quality reline service for your tank will cut down the cost and still provide the protection you’re looking for.

And if you already have a lining on your tank’s interior, it can be repaired!

Time Effective

Not only are water tank replacements more costly, but they also take longer.

The time it takes to completely replace your water tank with a brand new one can be a problem for clients. It might disrupt their business or halt some of their services.

Tanks that are beginning to deteriorate can be relined – it’s a quick and easier option that’s just as effective. Plus, it means your business options are minimally interfered with.

Tank Protection

In general, tanks are very susceptible to corrosion, wear and tear, cracks, leaks, and bacteria growth over time. They are designed to store gallons of water and eventually, the stress of such weight can lead to pressure cracks, evolving into leaks. Stress from the water pressure is also what can cause wear and tear.

Relining can be just as important to the tank’s health as a replacement. Linings can help to reduce the growth of bacteria, mould, and reduce the chance of leaks.

Once tanks are relined, they are more protected against wear and tear and corrosion, too. Tank relining increases the overall lifespan of water tanks.

All of the lining systems we offer here at CWS are high-quality. When it comes to tank protection, there’s no better choice. With lining choices that are moisture resistant and able to withstand chemical exposure and weather elements, protection is guaranteed.

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As well as relining, we also provide installation, reparation, and replacement services.

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