What is a Water Tank Relining System? 15th July 2022

What is a Water Tank Relining System?

If you’ve noticed something wrong with your water tank and aren’t sure what the problem may be, it could need relining.

There are actually several reasons as to why your water tank would need relining. Whether it’s due to general wear and tear from years of water storage or because your tank no longer complies with HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations.

Fortunately for you, no matter the problem you’re having with your tank, Cold Water Storage can help!

In this CWS blog, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about a water tank relining system.

What is a Water Tank Liner?

Tank liners are substance compounds that are used to create strong films which act like barriers on the tank. Subsequently, they prevent chemical contamination and corrosion. Not just that but they can also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as Legionellosis-causing bacteria, Legionella pneumophilia.

Cold Water Storage offers two products for lining and coating water tanks: Polyurethane coating and Polyurea spray-applied coating. All of our coating materials are approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). These regulations ensure that water tanks and their internal linings don’t contaminate the actual contents of the tank.

Our solvent-free polyurethane coating is specifically designed for relining potable and drinking water tanks. It offers great flexibility which eases the coating process and it provides protection against corrosion.

We can also use a spray-applied Polyurea coating. This is a more recently developed water tank relining system. It is touch dry in five seconds and is easily applied to large areas in a short amount of time. This water tank lining has zero risk of cracking or failure.

Why Use a Water Tank Relining System?

Water tank relining is actually one of the most favourable options when possible. Because if your water tank is structurally sound, there’s no need for it to be replaced. Having a water tank relining system is a much more sustainable option.

Relining your water tank is a more cost-effective alternative to refurbishment and replacement. Especially if your tank doesn’t need either of those. Relining is also a faster service with minimal disruption and reliability is guaranteed.

The water tank relining systems we provide are in full compliance with the UK regulations and address issues such as deterioration, erosion, corrosion, and bacterial growth. Plus, they increase the lifespan of your water tank.

Why is Tank Lining Important?

Water tank linings help to maintain toughness as well as offering protection against erosion and corrosion.

Proper application of the coating ensures that discontinuities are avoided so that there’s no risk of the internal steel becoming corroded. These linings act as a barrier between the tank and the contents inside. Therefore, it interrupts the typical process causing corruption (oxidation of metal by exposure to water).

In addition to corrosion resistance and UV protection, the water tank relining system prevents microbes from attacking the water tank outright. This means it avoids chemical corrosion and microbiological corrosion.

And because our polyurethane coating is solvent-free, it’s also friendlier to the environment and people.

Warranty and Guarantee

We can guarantee you complete peace of mind with the water tank linings we use here at Cold Water Storage.

The products we use will provide exceptional protection against corrosion; you can be confident about that.

And if we weren’t confident, we wouldn’t be offering a 10-year extended guarantee on all of our water tank linings.

Why Choose Cold Water Storage?

Our team has a collective of 30 years’ experience in the water hygiene industry, including tank relines and repairs. Check out all of our services to see how we can help you.

The expert knowledge we have of water systems as well as the products we use is what makes us a leader in this industry. There won’t be a second where you don’t have access to water whilst we’re fulfilling your requirements. We’ll meet your requirements in compliance with WRAS and HSE regulations as well as the ACOP L8 Legislation.

And we’ll do that whilst providing minimal disruption to you.

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