What is the Best Water Tank Coating? 22nd August 2022

What is the Best Water Tank Coating?

Cold water storage tanks are industry multifunctional and have been used for storing water for years. It’s only natural that protective coatings have been developed for the metal substrate, likely as a response to corrosion that was damaging the structures.

With these protective coatings, the lifespan of the water storage tank has been extended and there have also been additional benefits. Less bacterial growth, cleaner water, protection not only from corrosion but general wear.

However, so many companies are offering so many water tank linings that it may be hard to know which ones are the best.

In this Cold Water Storage blog, we’re going to tell which water tank lining is the best and why.

What is a Water Tank Coating?

Known as tank liners or tank lining systems, a water tank coating system is a material that is used to create a thick film on your tank. A lot of coating systems can be applied to both the interior and exterior of water tanks.

Because they create a thick, strong film on the walls surface, they help to prevent leakage, chemical contamination, and corrosion from occurring.

Why Should I Line My Water Tank?

Water tank linings ensure ultimate protection from elements and chemical attacks.

Tank linings can ensure that the water storage tank maintains toughness and offers corrosion resistance in plastic, metallic, and concrete tanks providing storage for chemicals, solvents, and water.

Through proper application, protective coatings can effectively manage and even control processes such as corrosion and bacterial growth. That’s because tank liners form a barrier between the tank and what is being stored inside the tank that speeds up the process. So for a water storage tank, corrosion is always going to be a likely occurring process because metal and water are mixing together. When metallic elements are exposed to oxygen, either in the air or in water, they lose electrons which is what causes their structure to deteriorate.

The protective coatings interrupt this flow of electron transference, therefore halting the corrosion process before it can even take place.

These coatings also prevent microbes from attacked the tank material, obstructing micro-biologically influenced corrosion.

Water Tank Lining with Cold Water Storage

With our 20 years’ worth of experience in the water industry, we wanted to try out something new and innovative. That’s how we found spray applied polyurea coatings and now we are an approved supplier of Line X which has exceptional Polyurea coating systems.

Here at Cold Water Storage, we offer two main lining systems for your water tank – Polyurea linings and Polyurethane linings. Both of which are WRAS (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) approved.

Polyurethane Linings

It’s important to know that not all polyurethanes are suitable for use as a tank liner unless they’ve been designed specifically for that purpose. Polyurethane linings, however, are quite versatile.

Though they’re not the most flexible option as a lining system, they’re ideal for structures made from concrete. Polyurethane does have good chemical and UV resistance which makes it great for both interior and exterior applications.

Any polyurethane based linings will require re-coatings to get the ideal thickness because they are thin – 1mm.

Polyurea Linings

Compared to some other popular tank lining materials, Polyurea is definitely a newer introduction. Like polyurethane, polyurea excels when it comes to UV and chemical protection. And because the UV protection it offers is higher than that of polyurethane, it’s more suitable for exterior applications than the other.

What is the Best Water Tank Coating?

Out of the two, Polyurea definitely boasts more appealing qualities.

Not only is it hot spray applied for an easier and faster application, but the curing time is 5 – 7 seconds which is incredibly fast. Especially when compared to polyurethane’s curing time of 24 hours. So when client’s have requests, you can promise them very minimal disruption as their component will be performing again in no time.

With a natural thickness of 2mm, it requires less re-coats and almost little to no maintenance fees, saving you money in the future. And that future could last anywhere from 50 – 75 years because that’s the lifespan that polyurea has.

An ideal choice for water tank protection, polyurea is both waterproof and chemical resistant. It also prevents corrosion, rust, and other deterioration that may occur.

Each project is different, though, and has different requirements such as specifications and costs. But all the benefits of polyurea (including its maintenance-free nature) make it a real cost-effective choice.

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