What Size Cold Water Tank Do I Need? 18th January 2022

What Size Cold Water Tank Do I Need?

If you are installing or replacing a cold water tank, you will have plenty of questions. But one of the most important questions to ask is “what size cold water tank do I need?”.

It is a question we are asked frequently here at Cold Water Storage.

Glass-reinforced plastic tanks are available in a wide range of sizes depending on your requirements. GRP tanks are the best type of tanks for safely storing cold water.

In the past, you may have had a steel tank or even a concrete tank, especially if you have a large commercial/industrial property.

However, for the most part, these styles of tanks have been replaced by much more efficient GRP tanks.

Why Choose A GRP Tank?

Glass-reinforced plastic is a strong and durable material. Unlike steel, it won’t corrode. And you don’t have to worry about erosion either, which is a problem with concrete tanks.

GRP tanks are manufactured using sectional panels, which are approved by the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. This means they are perfectly safe for storing potable water.

Despite its strength and durability, GRP is a very lightweight material. So, you can save a significant amount of money on transport costs as no heavy lifting equipment or plant machinery is required to on/offload the GRP panels.

In addition, GRP tanks have an average lifespan of 25 years. With proper maintenance, they can last even longer.

What Size Water Tank Do I Need?

The size of the water tank will depend on various factors, including the application. For example, a cold water storage tank used for a household will be much smaller than a commercial water storage tank.

If you are having an existing tank removed and replaced with a new tank, the size of the new tank will usually be very similar to that of the old tank. Unless you request a larger tank.

After a quick consultation, a water tank professional can help you choose the right size water tank for your needs. If you are looking for something smaller, you can get a one-piece tank as small as 43 litres or a two-piece tank that goes up to 5,000 litres.

But here at Cold Water Storage, we specialise in industrial and commercial tanks.

Our GRP tanks are available in a range of sizes. Because they are made using sectional panels, they can be built to the size and shape you require, this includes irregular shapes.

We can design and install the perfect GRP cold water tank for your building. Whether you require a 5,000 litre tank or a 20,000 litre tank – we’ve got you covered.

Cold Water Tank Installation

When you choose Cold Water Storage for your water tank installation, we will manage the project from start to finish.

We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and any constraints, such as water supply and timescales. Our experienced team will provide our expert recommendations on water tank size and shape.

Our in-house project managers will then develop Risk Assessments and Method Statements as well as a timetable for delivery.

During the installation of your new GRP tank, we will ensure continuity of water supply by installing a temporary mains bypass or a temporary tanked system ahead of the tank installation process.

Upon completion of the cold water tank installation, our team will issue signed paperwork and a full completion report with photographic evidence. This gives you peace of mind that the project has been carried out to the initial specification.

Do You Need A New Cold Water Storage Tank?

Are you sure you need a brand new water tank installed? Or could the life of your existing water tank be extended?

Here at Cold Water Storage, we specialise in water tank repairs and relines. We help businesses save significant amounts of money by repairing and relining their existing tank to prolong its life for up to 10 years.

In the past, we have had several customers come to us after being told they need a brand new water tank. But upon inspection, our team has found that their current tank is structurally sound and just in need of a little TLC.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the water hygiene industry and have a reputation among our customers for being honest, great value and proficient.

Our repair and reline solution is suitable for concrete, steel and GRP tanks. It addresses issues such as deteriorating mastic, erosion, corrosion of internal steel fastening and bacterial growth.

Providing your tank is still structurally sound, there is a good chance we can repair and extend the lift for more than 10 years.

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