Which Water Storage Tank Is the Best? 7th November 2022

Which Water Storage Tank Is the Best?

Turns out that finding an appropriate tank to keep your water clean, ice-cold, and free from contamination is actually quite challenging. Well, it’s the more challenging aspect of water storage, with the actual storing of water being the easiest.

You will need to consider various storage tanks and determine their suitability based on your location and needs. Knowing where to start searching might be overwhelming or even make you more confused. So, we’ve created an article to help you.

Find out why location, material, and needs are all important factors for choosing which water storage tank is best for you. And at Cold Water Storage, we’ve got quite an extensive range of water tanks for you to consider.

Water Tank Location

Your choice in water tank will depend on where you plan to put the water storage tanks. It also decides whether you require a foundation and whether any further tank-related preparations are necessary.

Above Ground Water Tanks

The installation of above-ground water tanks is a less complicated, less expensive process in comparison to, say, under-ground water tank installation. Plus, it’s upkeep offers several benefits.

Since it’s above ground, any damages are simpler to see and easier to fix without needing to use specialist equipment. An above-ground water tank’s main drawback, however, is exactly that. Above ground.

Meaning it is exposed to the elements and more likely to receive damage from them as a result. The drawback of it’s upkeep is that while it’s simple to access any parts that are broken, there will be more parts that need fixing.

The temperature outdoors also has an impact on the tank. With the low temperatures in winter it may freeze while with hot temperatures in summer, it might become heated. In any of these circumstances, the water tank and the water being stored require extra caution.

If you need to keep your water temperature regulated and shielded from the impacts of the weather, a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) may be the best option. Not only are the edges completed insulated to aid in maintaining water temperature, but they’re incredibly strong. As a corrosion-resistant choice, these tanks are very well-liked options for water storage.

Below Ground Water Tanks

Because of their position, water storage tanks below ground are quite common. A below ground storage tank can be installed without sacrificing a piece of land. And you can maintain an unpolluted view of your property because the tank is out of sight.

There is less to fret over when it comes to battling the elements, either, because they aren’t exposed to severe weather extremes. And the earth around the tank helps to keep a constant temperature. For locations that are very prone to freezing, the tanks can be installed below the permafrost layer. Something that prevents any stored liquid in the tank from freezing over.

However, it’s essential to note that selecting an underground tank may result in a greater installation and project fee overall.

Tank Material

Make up of the tank is a very important factor for considering water storage tanks that are suitable for you and your needs.

Steel Tanks

Steel water tanks are great options for those wanting something large and durable. These water tanks can be bolted or welded, and they come in stainless and galvanised forms.

Steel tanks are among the most economical options because they have large capacities and quick installation times.

GRP Tanks

Glass Reinforced Plastic water tanks are resistant to corrosion and, if necessary, can tolerate exposure to chemicals, sewage, and wastewater. GRP is remarkably lightweight yet also very robust.

In strength tests, GRP has performed incredibly well compared to some other materials which makes it an ideal choice.

Concrete Water Tanks

Concrete tanks are extremely sturdy and can be easily fashioned by manufacturers, helping builders to keep environmental factors in mind. Concrete is a material that has been used in building structures for centuries. This is because it is exceptionally strong and very durable.

Dangerous materials and substances can be safely stored in concrete tanks. Additionally, they can be used to gather and store extra rainwater and hold water ready for a variety of tasks. Including firefighting and farming, of both crops and livestock.

Choose Cold Water Storage

You should give it careful thought before purchasing a water storage tank for your property because getting the right one is essential.

Check out our services to see what else we can provide for you. We even have treatment and reline services available.

It is our responsibility to prevent and manage Legionella under the ACOP L8 legislation which is why all of our tank lining systems are designed to protect the tank material whilst preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and corrosion. Every single one of our coatings is approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Please visit Cold Water Storage to see what we have to offer. If you require expert assistance or have any questions, please get in touch with us so that we can help you. And if you want advice, we’ll be happy to help you.

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