Booster Pump Installation

Case Study

When the building’s tenants started complaining of very poor water pressure in their apartments, particularly the top floor apartments, Cold Water Storage was asked to survey the building and diagnose the issue. After completing a very thorough investigation, we were able to explain to rule out blockages and confirm that the mains water pipe was not suitable for feeding the higher level apartments with the pressure required.

We then took into consideration all possible options and arrived at the best solution. We determined that a break tank with a booster system would provide the desired water pressure for the top floor apartment residents.


Pipework was cut into the plant room and a mains bypass was installed. A cold water vessel holding 1000 litres of water was erected and then plumbed into a three pump booster system.

This was then plumbed into the buildings pipework manifold. Once we commissioned the new tank and booster set we were keen to hear from the residents who had complained of poor water pressure. They told us that they had noticed an immediate increase in pressure as far as the top floor apartments.


This set up is also designed to ensure that the building occupants never have water disruption even when planned maintenance occurs on the booster system and tank. Chris, Director of CWS and project manager on this job is pleased with the outcome, ” When I heard from occupants who had to endure low pressure and struggled to have good powerful showers in their own homes, I really wanted to find a solution.

To hear the genuine relief and thanks for fixing the problem it makes the job so satisfying. I think this may be a common issue in some high rise buildings so now we have the solution it is good to share this across the industry.”