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Case Study – Concrete Water Tank Repair

Our client had a concrete water tank, which was used to store the domestic water for the site. The problem was that the tank was non–compliant.  Another contractor suggested a tank replacement but the price was well over the client’s budget. The client approached Cold Water Storage to see if we could offer an alternative solution. 

Our engineers went out to survey the tank and found the internal surfaces were indeed non-compliant. They had suffered vast amounts of erosion resulting in large areas of holes and defects. However, the tank itself was structurally sound. 

The Solution


As the tank was structurally sound, we were able to offer a concrete water tank repair and reline at a more affordable price to bring the tank up to HSE standards.  

Cold Water Storage quoted and the client was very happy with the proposal. They were keen to refurbish the tank rather than replace. We planned the concrete water tank repair project fully and carried out the following works:

  • Mechanically prepare all internal surfaces to raise a profile on the substrate. 
  • Mix and then apply a cementitious screed onto the surfaces, thus filling in and smoothing the defected areas. 
  • We then applied a  three coat WRAS approved lining system to the base, walls and ceiling of the tower.
  • Whilst on site we found the inlet pipe was badly corroded, so we replaced this with a stainless-steel pipe and new float valve. 

The tank now is fully compliant and has been guaranteed for 10 years. The added benefit of repairing and relining this tank was that the concrete tank was able to remain on site, without being ripped down – giving it a renewed purpose and saving on new materials.  

Visit our YouTube page to see a short video of this project.

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If you are worried that your water tank is not compliant with regulations, get in touch with Cold Water Storage. We can provide a concrete water tank repair and reline, or replace the tank altogether, depending on the condition of the tank.