Low Level Access Panel Installation – Sunderland, Northumberland

Case Study – Low Level Access Installation

Our client was unhappy because carrying out maintenance on the GRP water tank on site ingress and egress (access) was only possible via the top man-way. He felt that this was dangerous for the team and he wanted some options that would make access to the tank much safer. 

The Solution

Cold Water Storage went to survey the site and proposed a low level access solution, which we felt met the needs of the client. We suggested replacing two side panels with two new panels containing integrated access hatches.

This meant access would be at a lower level, therefore, avoiding any ‘working at height‘ issues. These low level access panels would make it much safer for any operatives carrying out maintenance work. 

We quoted and completed the work. A summary of the low level access panel installation project is below: 

  • Keep one compartment online whilst the other compartment is worked on. This means no downtime for the water system. 
  • Strip out the two existing panels and fit the new panels with the access hatch. 
  • Re-attached the panels, seal and tighten the bolts. Then clean and chlorinate the tank fully before re-commissioning into service. 

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