How Often Should A Cold Water Tank Be Replaced? 29th October 2021

How Often Should A Cold Water Tank Be Replaced?


When is the right time for a cold water tank replacement? As a building owner, landlord or business owner, it’s probably a question you have asked yourself.

After all, you are responsible for ensuring your cold water tank is up to scratch. Having a cold water tank that adheres to health and safety laws is crucial in preventing the spread of potentially-fatal Legionnaire’s Disease and other illnesses.

Knowing when to replace a cold water tank is tricky. It depends on several factors including the type of water tank, the age and condition of the tank, and the maintenance and upkeep that has been carried out since the tank was installed.

In this blog, we are going to share our advice on how often you should be replacing your cold water tank to ensure you don’t suffer the consequences of poor water hygiene.

Signs To Look Out For

Most problems that occur with cold water tanks will be picked up during tank inspections and risk assessments. To ensure Legionella prevention, cold water tank inspections should be carried out at least once per year in line with government advice.

These annual inspections will assess everything from the water temperature to the cleanliness of the tank. The main problem that may be identified by a risk assessment is the growth of bacteria, which is often caused by incorrect water temperatures, corrosion, erosion and contamination.

If you think there is a problem with your cold water tank, such as a leak or corrosion, it is crucial that you seek professional advice as soon as possible rather than waiting for the next inspection.

In most cases, cold water tanks can be repaired or refurbished and do not need to be replaced unless they are very old (20+ years) or severely damaged. A cold water tank replacement may also be necessary if you need something larger.

Cold Water Tank Replacement Vs Repair

Once a valid risk assessment has been carried out by a water treatment specialist, any problems identified will be surveyed in full before corrective options are put forward.

If your cold water tank is posing a risk and no longer complying with health and safety laws, there will usually be various corrective options available.

Some water treatment companies may jump straight to a cold water tank replacement. However, this is not always necessary.

Here at Cold Water Storage, we will always aim to provide an affordable and effective solution. For example, if your cold water tank is posing risks due to corrosion yet it is still structurally sound, we will recommend a repair and reline rather than a replacement.

Repair & Reline From Cold Water Storage

Repairing and relining a cold water storage tank is an effective and affordable solution that addresses issues such as deteriorating mastic, erosion, corrosion of internal steel fastening and bacterial growth.

When carried out by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, a repair and reline project will extend the life of your cold water tank for up to 10 years!

Following any repair work, we will use a WRAS approved solvent-free polyurethane coating specifically designed for relining potable and drinking water tanks.

Cold Water Tank Replacement From Cold Water Storage

Alternatively, if the cold water tank is no longer structurally sound or easily accessible for maintenance, we may recommend a full replacement.

Most cold water tank replacements we carry out include the removal of tanks that are 20-25+ years old.

For example, our client in Kent has a cold water tank that was more than 25 years old and past its useful life. It was over capacity, leaking and corroding internally on the steel fixings, meaning a replacement was the best option.

Following the full removal of your existing tank, we will install a GRP water tank that is built from WRAS-approved sectional GRP panels approved for potable water storage. These tough and durable GRP tanks are manufactured in Britain using the highest standards.

Our in-house project managers oversee each replacement project from start to finish. They will spec out the work, develop Risk Assessments and Method Statements as well as a timetable for delivery.

On top of that, we work incredibly hard to limit any downtime in your building or business. Our seamless process includes the installation of a temporary mains bypass or a temporary tanked system ahead of the tank replacement process. This will ensure a continuous water supply throughout the duration of the works.

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